About Us

Ammhu is a dedicated plate-form of online resources for the students, teachers, content writer, thought leaders, innovators and the bloggers. Members can (1) read or download or upload a pdf file with relevant content from study material / exam papers / class notes / projects sections (2) can see and add relevant videos (3) read and add lots of quizzes and can test basics and (4) can post opinion on different articles in lots of available topics. All the content available is free now and will always be.

I have been associated with the field of education since long as a learner, as a teacher and then as a facilitator and finally as a learner again. Ammhu is translation of my thoughts in to practice to bring best out of me to benefit students and teachers community at large. All the thought leaders, innovators, content writers and bloggers are welcome to post article to influence the world filled with listeners and followers. I as ‘lone warrior’ can not do much, your help and contributions are required very much.

I invite for ‘like minded individuals’ in different disciplines from different walks of life, who can work on the same line selflessly and contribute to make world a better place. I am sure; together we can and we will be able to make Ammhu a trustworthy & valued plat- form for the students and teachers alike.